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Thankful on This Day!

Hello Kidogo Kids, Friends and Family!

I hope you are doing well, communing with family, and filled with gratitude on this day! This is the day we should all be more mindful and thankful of each other.

Traditionally, we have said, "Happy Thanksgiving," we eat turkey and our favorite sides, and we might even recall the origin story we have been told of this day-- Europeans (pilgrims) who traveled on the Mayflower (more like the 53 survivors of said Mayflower) celebrated a bountiful harvest with 90 Wampanoag people, who had helped settle in to America. Unfortunately, this story is one-sided and it doesn't end there.

Many Native Americans actually call this day a National Day of Mourning due to the suffering, oppression, genocide, and forced removal of the Native Americans as Europeans migrated to the America and declared the American land as their own.

We can and should feel joy for the warmth of our homes, the fullness of our bellies, and the hugs from our loved ones, while we also acknowledge the historical and present-day suffering of others.

Let's do some learning!! Here are two videos about Native Americans: The Wampanoag Way and Native American Cultures.


For the Kids, for the Culture,


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