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My name is Keeana Saxon-- an attorney, piano teacher, mom, and wife. I founded Kidogo Productions so that no Black child would be marginalized in children’s media. For the kids, for the culture....

Kidogo Productions (the company behind started out of exasperation. I was tired of switching the channel in the middle of an episode my daughter was watching because the evil antagonist and/or his/her henchmen were colored dark. Our likeness was too often silly, off to the side, silent, sinister, or stripped of our culture. I was frustrated by not being able to show my daughter quality programming, which highlighted her cultures (I'm African American and her father is Haitian American). I was heartbroken when my daughter told me she was sad that she didn't look like Elsa. I frantically searched for high-quality, authentic, soulful, culturally responsive content, but only found a dearth of depth in Black children's characters (animated or live action). 'Where are our cultures? Where are our voices?' I wondered.


One day, my Pastor preached a sermon, which encouraged me to do something about the lack of representation in children's programming. I assembled a team and we began creating. Kidogo Productions was born! Our productions have been so well received! Kidogo Productions, on is now highlighting, not only our own content, but the content of others who also feel compelled to add their own creative voice for the sake, heart and soul of our little ones. Thus far, it has been a rewarding journey and we have only just begun. I do this for my kid and yours.

Are you also worried about the effects of marginalization in children's programming? Do you rejoice when you see your child's likeness portrayed positively? Let me know in the survey linked below and join me in the movement to increase our representation and to create a Kidogo community! Thank you!

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Survey for parents

Kidogo would like to hear from parents of preschool-age children (0-5). Thank you!

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