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About the Coloring Book....

Hi Friends and Family!

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who purchased Kidogo's coloring book!!! Sales continue to occur to my delight!

A few nights ago, I started sending frantic text messages and emails about Kidogo's new coloring book? I'm sure most of you were like, "when did she do a coloring book??" I'll explain!

So, I needed to complete my trademark application, which included a statement that I would use Kidogo's trademark in commerce on a service (children's videos) and a product (a coloring book). I put this application in over a year ago, long before Kidogo had produced anything. At the time, April 2021 seemed very far away. Then 2020 happened, ugh.... Let's just say a coloring book wasn't on my mind. Fast forward to early 2021, it begins to dawn on me, yikes! This coloring book almost didn't happen, but I am so glad I persevered!

I wanted so badly to find a way of honoring Black people, our music, and our art. I also wanted to incorporate a core educational principle (either numbers or letters). I considered two methods of classifying instruments: 1. using the Western orchestral classification of woodwind, brass, percussion, or string; and 2. an ethnomusicologist classification of idiophones, membranophones, chordophones, aerophones, and electrophones (this classification includes non-Western style instruments). I then strongly desired to match a Black musician to a particular classification. And I preferred finding all Black women. Unfortunately, very time-consuming to find significant profiles of Black female musicians using the ethnomusicology classification. I probably should have reached out to an expert, but time wasn't on my side!

Ultimately, the women I chose to honor-- Sister Rosetta Tharpe (electric guitar), Regina Carter (violin), Tia Fuller (saxophone), Sheila E (percussion), Clora Bryant (trumpet), and Hazel Scott (piano)-- are all well deserving!! I am so proud of each of their accomplishments and I hope all of you enjoy learning about these women, their instruments and their great music!


1. Why didn't you do a physical coloring book? Why a digital download?

Answer: Cost. To pay an artist what they are worth is no cheap thing. I wanted everything to be hand drawn. When I found Renike:, I leaped for joy. She is highly professional, experienced and talented. Yay! To add printing and shipping costs to that overhead, though, would not have been financially feasible. Maybe later, when I recoup all of the costs of this iteration!

2. What's next?

Answer: Since I am a pianist, I'd love to dedicate an entire book to pianists, keyboardists, and organists.


  1. Tell your friends, teachers, and daycare providers about this book!

  2. Let me know what you think!

  3. Let me see how your kids colored the pages! With your permission, I would love to post them!

Have a great week everyone!


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