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Have You Voted 10 Times for Kidogo?

Hello Kidogo Friends!

First: Welcome new members! I'm so glad you have joined the Kidogo journey!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 14th is the last day to vote for Kidogo to receive the MassChallenge Community Choice Award! It has been an amazing period for Kidogo. I have reached out to many colleagues, friends, acquaintances, family members, and other entrepreneurs and the response has been fantastic! I really appreciate your support!

If you haven't voted 10 times yet, please do so here . You can vote ten times in a row per valid email address (since voting only takes 5 seconds, you'll be done in less than a minute--unless you're willing to vote with more than one valid email address!)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting with Spark FM to discuss Kidogo Productions live on air! I had so much fun! Here's the interview. One correction: I said that the other startups in this final round were white, but what I should have said is that I am the only Black, African-American in the final round.

Anywho, the public won't know who won until February 2023!! Yikes! Meanwhile, I have to find more funding sources. Startups are expensive, lol! At this point, I am prioritizing non-dilutive funding, meaning funding that won't take equity from the company. I found out in a webinar put on by The Capital Network that women give away way more equity in funding rounds than men. I am determined not to fall into that trap!

Where will this money go, you ask?

  • A native app (A website doesn't cut it)

  • Hiring (I can't do this by myself!)

  • Kidogo Originals (I have so many creative ideas!)

  • Licensing fees for content from other creators

I am always seeking your feedback, so if you have ideas, suggestions, or anything I should know, please do not hesitate to contact me!

For the kids, for the culture,


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