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How I Built This Application

Hi Friends and Family!

As we slide right into the Easter weekend, I wanted to give you guys an update. This has been a very crazy few weeks! I've got some sort of application bug, lol! I applied to 4 different opportunities for coaching and funding, including NPR's How I Built This Fellowship! I was targeted on Facebook with an ad about this and I went for it. I submitted it a couple of days before the deadline and I moved on. I received an email on the day of the deadline and it read, "Your application has been rejected for one of the following reasons:...."

Y'all, I almost passed out! It's a good thing I kept on reading. The problem was my video. It gave a list of reasons why they rejected my video. I went through each reason twice until I figured out what had happened. I put the video together in iMovie with a song I had performed for my piano students' virtual recital in February 2021, "Deep River" by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. The application, however, very clearly states that the applicant must have written, performed and produced the song heard on the video. Oh! With that, I sat at the piano and improvised a 1-minute something, uploaded it to Youtube, hurried the description in the video details section (hence why I don't capitalize words, which should be capitalized), re-edited the video in iMovie and re-sent the second application. Here's what I sent:

I have NO IDEA if this will work, but, as always, I re-learned several things:


2. Submit an application before the deadline. Who knows! Maybe a reviewer will be kind enough to let you correct an error.

3. Creating doesn't have to take a long time if you're determined. Inspiration has no temporal boundaries.

Until next time!


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