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I Graduated Today!

Hello friends and family!

I've got to express my gratitude for today's events:

1. I graduated from the Innovation Studios' Launch! Pre-Accelerator! I felt such a wave of emotions-- I was thrilled for having completed the course, and felt pride for accomplishing so much since the program's first day (e.g. Kidogo started selling its first product, a coloring book!). I am so happy for all of the participants! We ROCK!

2. I had two very promising conversations today: one was with a fellow entrepreneur and friend of mine who lives in Rwanda. She agreed to help me spread the word about Kidogo and its mission; and another with a friend and Spelman Sister of mine who is a phenomenal musician. She is considering being one of our "Kidogo Artists" (I totally just made that title up, lol!).

3. I just found out that Innovation Studios' video about my experience competing in Pitch Night and winning third place was posted two weeks ago. I totally missed it! Here's the video:

Oh! and....

4. This technically happened yesterday: I received a wonderful invitation to do a TED-like talk about Kidogo for a new online community for people who identify as women: Hermésia

and finally...

5. My application to EForAll's Roxbury Accelerator was advanced, and tomorrow, I'll have an interview! Wish me luck!!

As usual, I ask for your likes, follows, subscriptions, adds, etc :-) Click below for a pdf with live social media links:

Click Here for Social Media Links
Download PDF • 758KB

Ciao for now,


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