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I've Got My MVP, Yeah You Know Me!

Hi Friends and Family!

It's my 44th birthday today and I am excited, woohoo! It was been a fantastic.....-ally hard year; rewarding with a lot of tough rolled in. I am thrilled to have made it through alive and well.

I am also jazzed because went live this morning!! As some of you may know, I was awfully worried about the fact that Kidogo Productions didn't yet have the online platform for kids. was still a far off dream, and an expensive dream to boot. What I wanted was a custom built site and an app (talk about champagne taste!). I was willing to "settle" for a web designer to customize a template. I understood that this was going to take time and money.

However, my EForall mentors, classes, classmates, and "The Lean Startup" (a book by Eric Ries) challenged me to envision, not the Rolls Royce version of the online platform, but a skate board. Huh? I needed to think of a way to deliver my services on a bare bones beer budget. I needed to think of something that had moving wheels.... nothing fancy. This is why it is called an MVP-- minimum viable product.

I ended up building the site myself (after all, I built The realty of the beer budget made me realize that not a Rolls Royce or even a Toyota was possible. Twenty-three long days later and 319 versions (and counting) later the site is up and people are joining. Hallelujah!! I appreciate the advice and counsel of Mass Communications and ThinkNimble during this process. Please offer your feedback.

My goal is to attract 44 Pioneer Members to the site by the end of this month. Can you help? Join! Share! It's a great deal!

Just in case you were wondering, is going to be a site for supporters, investors, media, and those who are curious about the business side of things. is for kids, parents, and content contributors.

I have to unglue my eyes and re-stick them to my upcoming pitch! I am NOT ready yet, but I will get there. I will pitch on September 13, 2021. Wish me luck!

For the kids, for the culture, Keeana

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