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Keepin' My Head Above Water!

Hey Friends and Family!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I provided an update on my progress with Kidogo Productions! Time flies when you're having fun (and by fun, I mean working my tushy off!). Let's see! Where are we....

1. The EforAll accelerator has been intense! Here's a list of the classes I've taken thus far:

  • Business Models and Customer Segments

  • Connecting Customers to Value

  • Prioritizing Customers and Testing Assumptions

  • Testing Assumptions Through Surveys

  • Setting Goals and Working Through Surveys

  • Customer Discovery

My weekly mentor meetings have been eye-opening. Whether they are asking a probing question or imparting advice from their own experience, I have managed to tear down the entire scaffolding of the company and have begun reassembling the pieces in a more sensible way. It is a fantastically terrifying process. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

While in the tear down/rebuild stage, I will not fundraise. I don't have the capacity. I'm not mad, though. I trust the process :-)

2. Part of the process is making sure I conduct market research in the form of interviews and surveys. Research ensures that 1. your business is solving a problem that your potential customers actually have (desirability), 2. your business is able to offer a solution to the problem (feasibility), and 3. your potential customers will pay for your business's solution to the problem (viability). I've learned that "product-market fit" is at the intersection of desire, feasibility and viability. Fascinating!

To this end....


If you are a preschool/daycare owner or teacher, I would love to talk to you! Please schedule a time here.

If you are a parent or guardian of a preschool-age child (2-5), I would love to talk to you! Please schedule a time here.

If you are neither, can you refer me to someone who does fit in either category? Friends of friends are better (sorry friends and family, buy y'all would be biased ;-))

All interviews will be about 15 minutes and via phone, Zoom, or in person (whatever is most convenient and safe). My goal is conduct 10 interviews within the next 7 days. Please help me do this!

3. I've been exploring YouTube for video content, which seems interesting and I found this one channel, which is super cute (have you noticed how "super" has replaced the word "very?"). I love the girl's spirit, bright eyes, and even brighter mind. Take a look! What do you think?

To Good Times,


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