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Kidogo Needs Your Vote (again!)!

Hey Kidogo Friends!

Alrighty friends! Let's vote again for Kidogo Productions!! With your help, we advanced to the final round of MassChallenge's Community Choice Award of $25K! Let's win it! Voting starts TODAY, 10/3 thru 10/14; 10 votes per valid email address!! VOTE HERE (trust me, it's easier than last time ;)) I'm the 5th company on the voting list.

Here's a calendar invite for daily reminders: This is a rather long voting period. To help keep the momentum, please consider sending a few emails and/or texts to friends, sharing the flyer on your social media.

With your help, Kidogo can cross this finish line. These funds will kick off what we'll need to build an app.

For the Kids, for the Culture,

Keeana Saxon

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