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Kidogo's Read N' Win (and other summer updates)!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Hello Kidogo Friends and Family!

First, please let me extend my warmest gratitude to those who helped me deliver my TEDxRoxbury talk. You guys helped me edit, mold, shape, and focus. THANK YOU!! It was one of the hardest mental assignments I've ever completed (and that includes performing my college senior piano recital, writing my college honor's thesis, and passing two bar exams, lol!). I wrote and re-wrote the talk at least 30 times and practiced the delivery over and over. It was grueling, but I delivered. In case you missed it, here it is (I'm at the 2:56 mark). I am still pondering what's next. A curriculum, maybe?

I am SO excited about the upcoming summer season! It has actually already begun! To celebrate Juneteenth, Kidogo participated in Hyde Park's Juneteenth Festival for the second year in a row! Special thanks to Susan Entin of Ujima's faith network for donating some of the supplies for our activities!

We painted the flags, yes, but I just couldn't help, but teach about the story of Juneteenth. I delivered facts and figures with a bit of drama :-) I asked the young painters to imagine that they have been enslaved on a plantation in Galveston, Texas their entire lives, when on June 19, 1865, an army general, along with his troops, galloped up to them and issued the order that they are now free.... and oh, by the way, you were technically/legally free 2 1/2 years ago. Good luck! I asked them how they would feel. Many said that they would feel happy, but some said that they would feel frustrated.

One painter asked why were Black people enslaved. My daughter chimed in "because of the color of our skin." I quickly corrected the record. No. It is not because of our skin color. Our skin color is not to blame. It is because of the enslavers' greed (coupled with racist ideologies, I now add). Folx, we (including me) have got to be super careful how we explain American history and sociology to children!

Kidogo will be in the Kid's Zone at BAMS Fest on June 24th! Join us for fun games like "Black Tac Toe" and "Unapologetically Black Bingo" and crafts!

Finally, we will are super excited to announce that we are launching Kidogo's Read N' Win: A Summer Reading Marathon! This month-long (July 10th thru August 10th) marathon is to encourage our children (of all ages) to READ, READ, READ during the summer break. We aim for a summer learning surge, not summer learning loss. Register here!

We're having a kick-off event on July 8th at the Frugal Bookstore! We'll have a a DJ, light refreshments, and face painting! Come thru!

As always, I am grateful for your support.

For the Kids, for the Culture,


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