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Learning is a Win

Hi Friends and Family!

I didn't place this time. And that's OK. I am so proud of myself for grabbing the opportunity to tell whoever is listening about Kidogo's mission. Got 3 minutes? I'll pitch! Congratulations to the other participants. I was really impressed with them! Thanks for Innovation Studios for granting this opportunity (twice!)!

When I saw some of the same judges from the last time I pitched in March, I admit that I gulped. Would I bore them?? Have I made enough progress since March??

And then I remembered my why (for the kids, for the culture). I decided and still decide as I write that I will not allow my limiting thoughts to limit Kidogo's impact. I choose infinity. So I took a deep breath and allowed the limiting thoughts to pass right on by.

Thank you to all those who supported Kidogo this evening! And a HUGE thanks to Sandra Walker for making an unexpected contribution today!! WOW!!

I screenshot the compliments and the kudos in the chat-- every one of them. Here's a sample:

The judges asked me the following questions (compiled from this morning and this evening):

  1. Will you sell other coloring books? (Yes, the coloring books will become a series)

  2. Have you thought about licensing your characters to other companies? (No, but thanks for the idea!)

  3. Do you have other content other than animated music videos? (Yes, we will produce animated videos (teaching preschool basics), Master Classes (kid-loving experts will demonstrate and teach their craft), read a louds (featuring books with Black protagonists), and user-generated content (tell us what you eat for breakfast in your part of the world?))

  4. Will you sell other products? (Yes, we'll have plenty of Kidogo branded kid-friendly merchandise).

The underlying question here is how will Kidogo make a profit? Fair question. I think I sold all of the judges on Kidogo's great concept and on its goal of social impact, but creating a business is also about a profitable business model. I've got some of the pieces of the model, but not all..... YET!! I'm soooooo glad to be in EforAll this summer to tackle this with my future mentors!

I've got so much to learn! This journey has been awesome so far and thank you for coming along on the ride with me!!

Much love and with gratitude,


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