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Pitch Night is Tomorrow!

Dear Friends and Family, Happy International Women's Day! I can't believe how fast these last two weeks have flown! The last time I communicated, I told you that I, along with two of the Kidogo Team members were going to be interviewed by the Indie Night Film Festival. It was a great time! My Spelman Sisterhood was in full effect! The Chief of Staff of the festival, a Spelman Sister, Kizzie Brown Duah called on another Spelman Sister, Karan Kendrick to do the interview!!! It was a surprising and amazing mini-reunion! I was also really proud of Lee Francois (animator) and Latracia Croxen (vocal talent) for representing Kidogo in a phenomenal way. Because we drove traffic to Indie's site, our musical short's run has been extended! THIS is the power of your support!!

Tomorrow, I'll be pitching twice at the Roxbury Innovation Center (virtually): once in the morning and then again in the evening. The pitch with the judges will be tomorrow morning, but that is not public. Wish me luck! You are invited to "zoom attend" Pitch Night TOMORROW evening, March 9th at 5pm! The general audience won't see my pitch deck, just me speaking (I'll send out the full pitch to you soon!) I would love your support! Pray for me y'all!

What began as a complaint about not finding enough diverse animated content for my daughter, has grown into a call from others to fill in the gap. Representation matters not just for my daughter, but for Black children of all hues. Not just for Black children, but for all children of color. And not just for children of color, but for White children as well. Our mission is to create where all children will be able to find lots of high-quality content, all of which honors and centers the faces, voices, talent and culture of the African Diaspora. Kidogo Productions is not just a company, but a movement. We know that we have a long way to go, but we want you to be with us along the way. Many Thanks and Be Well, Keeana + the Kidogo Team P.S. The KP team is currently working on "Row, Row, Row Your Boat!" Stay tuned!

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