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Progress Pitch TOMORROW at 6pm!!!

Hello Friends and Family!

I hope this message finds all of you well (and dry, if you're in the Northeast!). Kidogo is moving and shaking! As you may recall, I am in the EForAll business accelerator this Summer (shout out to my business mentors, Marianne Collins, Lily Cua, and Peter Dublin, and Kofi Callender (Executive Director) and Elizabeth Nguyen (Program Manager!). Talk about BIZ-ZEE! It's a good thing I'm on a passion-filled mission!

TOMORROW, at 6pm, I will give a pitch on the progress I have made thus far. Register to attend the virtual pitch here. Please note, I am the FIRST to pitch, so don't be late!

The pitch will cover Kidogo's plan to pivot its business idea. Who?? What?? When?? Why?? How?? I will tell you..... tomorrow!

The pivot stems from the research I conducted over the past several weeks. EForAll stresses the need and benefit of talking to and surveying your potential customers. I surveyed 69 Moms. I also interviewed 8 Moms and 3 Preschool administrators. Thank you, again to all those who participated. Your transparency and thoughtfulness was amazingly eye-opening! And congrats to the raffle winners!

I hope to see you, all tomorrow evening. I am excited, though nervous. It'll all be over in 3 minutes and 2 slides, lol! Come cheer me on!



Kidogo Founder and Executive Director

"For the Kids, for the Culture"

Interview with Tierney Hoffman, a mom of a 2 1/2 year-old son.

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