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The Good News and the Bad News

Good evening, Friends and Family!

I hope this quick message finds all of you in good spirits!

The bad news: I did NOT get the How I Built This Fellowship. They received almost 2,000 applications and they chose ten fellows.

I am so glad I applied, though because the application process forced me to express more explicitly the ULTIMATE GOAL of this company. At Kidogo, we believe representation matters and it matters because we aim to re-create a community within the African Diaspora. Slavery scattered African people all over the world. We were dropped and enslaved in many places, BUT in each place, we found a way to express ourselves. Our chains couldn't restrain our music or our art. will be a place where our children will convene and engage with our content and with each other in a way, which can re-unites us. Why is reunion important? Because it is healing. Healing is important because healed people, heal people.

The good news: Michael Bradley, a member of the Kidogo Team sent a music sample of "Row, Row" last evening. HOOOOOOONNNNEEEEEEY, you're gonna LOVE!!! Just like the Wheels on the Bus, the harmonies are exquisite. You can't hear it yet; we're still working on the entire production, but trust me, it'll be worth the wait!!! Lee Francois is working on animating the characters (see the blog dated March 30th for the super early mock-up). In this remix, we decided to honor Black men and family legacies. As you can tell, I am excited!

Getting more social: I am still getting used to being on social media and its multiple platforms. Thank you, Jody from Mass Communications for helping in this respect!

I need your help as well. If you are on any social media platform, I ask you to like, follow, or connect. We're on:




Twitter: @KidogoProducti1

What's next: Kidogo is working on a crowdfunding campaign! I'll be taping the ask video this coming Tuesday. Hopefully, we'll launch the campaign sometime in May.

The crowdfunding will be to support our efforts to complete an entire album of remixed nursery rhymes! We're marching our way toward!

Stay tuned!

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