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The Results are In!!

Hello Kidogo Community Members!

I hope you are doing well as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Boy! Do I have a LOT for which to be thankful!

  1. Periodically, I look on the internet for the latest writings on race, culture, and children's media. Recently, I found an article (" An Analysis of the Psychological Impact that Children’s Television Programming Has on the Self-Development of Black Children") by writer, Kaylee Warren. I reached out to her, and had a wonderful time speaking with her about the views she expressed in her article.

2. The Capital Network's Fellowship for Female Founders is a wrap! The courses and the camaraderie were amazing and growth inducing. During the last 2 sessions, I practiced my full pitch 3 times. It was intense, but I made it through! I am so proud of everyone who matriculated with me!

3. I have also completed the MassChallenge Early Stage Cohort. Doing two programs at once actually proved beneficial as I was able to receive guidance from multiple mentors. Setting aside the challenge of scheduling all of them, I somehow gained the insights I needed to clarify my business model, work out my financial projections, and get ever so closer to securing funding.

4. And speaking of funding-- some of you have reached to me asking for an update about the MassChallenge Community Choice Award. I am happy to report that I won an Award for $25,000! Congrats to the other winner as well (MassChallenge decided to award two $25K awards)!

My company will be recognized at RESOLVE | The MassChallenge 2023 Awards. You are invited to attend!

THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!! (no seriously, I know some of y'all voted 10 times with multiple email addresses as was allowed, lol!)

Now do you see why I am so grateful? This community proves over and over that you support Kidogo's mission to address racial and cultural inequities in children's media. You all have strengthened my soul and heightened my awareness that Kidogo's goal extends beyond simply wanting to see more melanin in children's programming-- it's about seeing the souls of kids, reflecting their authentic images, loving their identities, and telling the healing truth about who Black people really are.

Our work has just begun! Onward and upward!

For the kids, for the culture,


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