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Survey Says!

Hi Friends and Family! Please read to the bottom (I ask another favor, tee hee!)

Once again, your girl had a fabulous time pitching Kidogo Productions! All of my EForAll classmates did a fabulous job!! Kudos!!

Here is the recording of my progress pitch (I start at 5:25)! Here are my slides:

As I discussed in the pitch, I surveyed and interviewed 80 parents and preschool administrators. I learned so much! The most surprising findings were:

  1. The need for representative content can be fulfilled with live action videos.

  2. I can offer curated content (in addition to commissioned content).

  3. There is a disconnect between online content and offline content.

I am responding to these survey findings with a pivot in my business. I will now work on offering curated and commissioned content, which has offline components. For example, a video of a read-a-loud about soup joumou (a Haitian soup), can be paired with a matching activity involving the ingredients of soup joumou (zoom in on the pictures on the first slide to get an idea of what I'm talking about).

This drastically reduces my overhead! Though Kidogo still aims to produce its own animated videos, we can launch in less time and with less money than the original business idea.

Pivoting is hard. There is a sense of loss in my heart, BUT the mission of Kidogo remains the exact same. This is incredibly comforting and affirming. Since Kidogo is small and we are still pre-launch, this is a perfect time to adapt! As you heard in the pitch, I have some pretty ambitious SMART goals to achieve within the next couple of months. It's normal that I'm nervous, right? Right??

To ensure that I continue responding to your opinions, I have another survey! I ask especially my survey veterans to hang in there with me. I have chosen a sample of 7 videos about which I would like to hear your opinion: should this video or this kind of video be on If you could respond by July 25th, that would be fantastic!

As always, your support, however you give it, is amazing and I appreciate it.



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YES! Go Keeana! Go Kidogo!! I love this pivot! so smart

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